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Marc Morell

Skopje / Macedonia Mr / BALWOIS-Consulting

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Research Engineer in Hydrology. Specialized in Surface Water Resources Assessment and Environmental Information Systems. Experimented in the coordination of International and European Projects (Med-Hycos 1995-2001, Caribsat 2009-2013, Balwois since 2002). Having worked in West Africa (7 years), Mediterranean (6 years), Caribbean (18 years) and Balkan (15 years in 2017).

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  BALWOIS 2004 Ohrid, Macedonia, 25-29 May 2004   INSURED – INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR AN INTEGRATED AND SUSTAINABLE USE OF WATER RESOURCES OF DRINI-DRIM RIVER   Agim Selenica1, Miriam Bogdani1, Marc Morell2, Josif Milevski3, Olivija Todorovic3   1Institute of Hydrometeorology of ALBANIA,   2IRD, FRANCE   3Hydrometeorological Institute of Republic of MA...

BALWOIS 2004 Ohrid, Macedonia, 25-29 May 2004   A CONCEPTUAL MODELLING OF THE HYDRODYNAMIC FUNCTIONNING OF PRESPA LAKE Marc Morell1, Josif Milevski2, Vasko Stojov2, Olivija Todorovik2, Miriam Bogdani3, Molnar Kolaneci3, Agim Selenica3 1Institut de recherche pour le développement, FRANCE 2Hydrometeorological Services of Republic of MACEDONIA 3National Hydrometeorological Inst...

Thierry Woignier 1, Marc Morell 2, Olivija Morell 3, Laurent Duffours 4 1 UR Seqbio IRD-PRAM, Le Lamentin, Martinique ,France 2 IRD Caraïbes, Fort-de-France,  Martinique, France 3 Meteo Mak, Skopje, Macedonia 4. Prime Verre, avenue A. Einstein , Montpellier, France Abstract : The scientific and economic context of this study is related to the pollution of the soils, water and marine bay...

M. Morell, J-R. Gros-Désormeaux and al. IRD, UMR ESPACE-Dev, Caribsat Project, Centre IRD de la Martinique, France   Abstract The Interreg Caribbean IV program recommends the valorization and protection of the region’s environmental core, through collaborative and sustainable management of resources. It uses Martinique as the test c...

Thierry Woignier 1-2 , Marc Morell 3, Juan Primera 4, Laurent Duffours 5 1.UR Seqbio IRD-PRAM, Le Lamentin, Martinique, France: 2.  CNRS-Université de Montpellier,  France 3. IRD Caraïbes, Fort de France,  Martinique, France 4.Departamento de fisica, FEC, LUZ, Maracaibo, Venezuela , 5.Prime Verre, avenue A. Einstein, Montpellier, France Abstract Volcanic (alloph...


2014 - Transboundary water cooperation-Case study: The Prespa Park Basin

February 02, 2017

Despite being located at a threefold border junction, Prespa forms a unitary region with rich shared natural and cultural heritage. It is an area of global importance for its biological diversity, best known for the impressive populations of rare water birds; the world largest breeding colony of the Dalmatian pelican being the most noteworthy (Crivelli and Catsadorakis, 1997). Remarkable also is t...


January 30, 2017

Sub-watershed analysis has become a strategic approach in assessment of the natural resources. The guiding principle of this approach is to maximize the benefits of water resources and ecosystems management. This article will present the authors experience in evaluating couple of projects within the UNDP developing program in Prespa region that deals with hydrological analysis and restoration meas...

2009 - Manuel de Gestion Intégrée des Ressources en Eau par Bassin

January 30, 2017

Les pressions exercées sur les ressources en eau mettent en lumière l'interdépendance hydrologique, sociale, économique et écologique dans les bassins de fleuves, de lacs et des aquifères. Elle rend nécessaire une plus grande intégration en terme de développement et de gestion des ressources en eau et des sols. Il existe une relation dynamique entre les acteurs du bassin et les gouverneme...



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